Logo Design

Logo Designs Creating unique logos suitable for various styles of print and digital mediums is more important than ever. These designs are made to be remembered and easily identifiable – while maintaining a fun and modern design.

Album Design

ALBUM DESIGN This album cover design was a personal project. I wanted to create a striking and vibrant design that was different and stood out from other vinyl covers. The purpose of this design, alongside being different, was to create a sombre atmosphere contrasting with the bold and exciting colours.

Altek Construction

ALTEK CONSTRUCTION Throughout my years of study, I have worked on the side as a freelance graphic designer. Mainly working with construction businesses, I have worked on branding, designing, printing business collateral and advertising. The goal Altek construction was to create bold designs which are able to stand out and be easily identifiable as you […]


3D Modelling & Design These images were created through the use of 3D modelling with Blender. Originally this was for an assignment, where we had to create a still life image, modelling each element from scratch. After the assignment, I added a logo and some additional branding to add a touch of graphic design and […]


FLAUNT FLAUNT is a brand designed to stand out and be proud of all types of beauty. Their goal was to create a makeup brand that was immediately able to stand out from the competition in a playful way. With bright colours and funky brand patterns, this brand is able to FLAUNT its stuff!


IDIOMS The purpose of this project was to create pieces with a metaphorical idiom. This project utilized the use of photo manipulation and editing through Photoshop, with the added graphical elements in Adobe Illustrator.


PRIME MAGAZINE PRIME is a sports and fitness magazine for young men. The goal of the design was to reflect the brand’s personality. PRIME’s identity is strikingly bold and motivational while maintaining a familiar feel.

Piggle Co

PIGGLE CO Piggle Co is an enamel pin company for teens and young adults. This brand is fun, cute and energetic. The goal was to design elements that were minimal and aesthetically pleasing while maintaining a narrower audience.